Brødrene Dahl – Sound Pos for In store Campaign
11. oktober 2014
Corporate Sound Identity for Flower Factory
13. maj 2014

Increases sales at Hamleys by +250 and retention by +700% via our Sound POS

  • TaskAudiowise was aksed to test our directional Sound POs tool for a Star Wars campaign on Star Wars products at Hamleys toy stores
Audiowise created a custom made soundscape for the Star Wars product including a speak We used our directional Sound POS Solution in front of the category - This means that the sound can only be heard straight in front of the product and is triggered by a sensor

We increased sales of the Star Wars products dramatically by up to +250 % and retention in front of the product by +700%. The customers had a positive experience and hamleys had much more attention on this campaign than any other in store campaign and therefore very high Roi obn this marketing activity than any other.