In Store Sound

Sound in the form of in store music has long been a fixed part of store environments - so far without music psychology or insights into how the music influences shopper behavior or how your sales area sounds. In addition, the constant noise from coolers and ventilation systems were fully accepted noise sources, despite the fact that the sale of goods in a noisy area directly affected negatively, the working environment deteriorates significantly and is directly stressful to work in.

Concurrently, customer flow has long been the ultimate buzzword in retail and advertising industries have been major suppliers in this discipline. But what is large customer flow if you do not have the necessary tools to convert shoppers to buying customers? How can you as product suppliers make sure that your product category receives a share of the store's customer flow shopping power? How do you motivate buying customers to just choose your product / brand rather than your competitors? The answer is simple - yet complex. It's about targeted, intelligent audio tools that take into account sales medium 4 primary stakeholders and their characteristics: Shop, Front staff, Suppliers of goods and Shoppers.
AW Retail Sound Tools

  • • Multi zone sound - Divide you store in Sound zones matching product categories and target groups
  • • Sound Zone / Category level
  • • Sound POS / Category level
  • • Sound POS / In Store Campaigns
  • • Sound cross sales
  • • Noise elimination
  • • Tailored playlist
  • • Sound design for In store TV

Our intelligent audio tools are sonically defined, activated just-in-time and convey messages directly to shoppers' subconscious, from which 85% of their purchasing decisions are controlled. Sound is an important part of Sensorial Shopping and, therefore its very important what comes out of the speaker or how your sales area sounds! With our multidisciplinary range of specialist skills we have in-depth knowledge and experience in music psychology and the influence of human behavior - and thus, how the appropriate audio scenario of sound and music in store media created and implemented for the benefit of all 4 stakeholders simultaniously. And even without taking up any sales space. Our audio solutions are 100% directional, and they are specially designed to eliminate background noise, resulting in an "unexpected and positive user experience" when the customer is in a "Audiowised" sound zone. We tailor the sound design for each campaign. We are a fact-based company with a scientific approach development of sound, providing access to voice directly to the end-user subconscious.

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