Service Sound strategy

It has now been scientifically proven that 85% of human decisions are directly controlled by our subconscious mind and that people's sense of hearing is the strongest channel to do so. Therefore, the sonic side of your service product a very big impact on the experience of it. And thus whether the target group is convinced to make a purchase, are happy and satisfied with the service product in action, chooses to repurchase it and eventually if they remain loyal, profitable customers.

All joints in the delivery of your service product has influence on core experience of your product or services. Audiowise helps you develop and integrate sound design tools in all targeted at relevant touchpoints, so your service or product has added perceived value. Your company will also be perceived as being more humanized, attentive and sympathetic in relation to your target group's behavior and needs.
The sound of your service or product can be used in the following touch points:

  • • IVR- Callcenter sound strategy
  • • Online sound strategy
  • • Booking systms
  • • Campaigns
  • • Sales area
  • • Soundscapes
  • • Presentations
  • • Receptions
  • • Branding albums
  • • Lounge
  • • Marketing
  • • Newsletters

See examples of our Service sound strategy cases here