Digital Sound Strategy

The digital world is changing fast approaching and so do people's digital behaviors. It is therefore crucial to have a proactive digital strategy to preserve your brand position and competitiveness in local markets as well as on the global market.

The digital platform is often the framework for the first meeting between your brand and your target audiences, where visitors to your website, mobile application or the like in just a few seconds to convince your messages relevance and purpose of learning more about your products . Relevant, focused sound have a strong impact factor in this context.

At Audiowise we help you to communicate more efficiently and accurately with your target audiences through the intelligent use of tailored, targeted sound design for your digital platforms. We are certainly not supporters of drowning your digital platform in the irrelevant sound.
However, we always use only the exact amount of audio and volume which is necessary to achieve the planned actions and always only in those functions, where it is relevant and enhances usability. While the user must always have the option to make an active choice - with or without sound!

  • • Apps & Mobile sound design
  • • Soundscapes
  • • Sound guides
  • • Soundbrochures
  • • Speak
  • • Product presentations
  • • DM campaigns
  • • E-learning
  • • Podcasting / Podwalk