Increase your Brand Awareness by 96 % with a consistent Sound Stragety

Audio Branding

How Does Your Brand Sound?
Your brand has personality and can be assimilated with the fundementals of our own human DNA e.g. Brand Gender, Brand Personality, Visual Identity etc., - a visual exterior and a voice. Like we humans can be directly identified only by our voice, so does the brand's audio identity also contribute strongly to how it is perceived and what values it adds. Audio Branding lends coherence and continuity to your messaging, so what your consumers hear when engaging with your content is always clearly and distinctively recognizable as a part of your brand. The technique provides brand strategists and CCOs with the tools to make every content marketing touch point a relationship-builder and to get consumers to form positive associations with your brand’s values.

Therefore it is crucial, that your brand voice sounds right - every time, and is consistent in its sonic expression. We work strategically and scientifically with development of your brand sound identity to ensure, that it expresses your brand's unique identity and values - in line with the development of a corporate identity.

We do not only develop a short, catchy sound logo for your brand, but also a whole corporate tune for your brands audio identity. This gives you much greater flexibility in the usage and implementation of your brand voice in the various communication channels.
We also help you to implement your brand sound identity across all relevant touch points between your brand and its surroundings, in order for the audio identity to be transmitted correctly and are consistent, regardless of the channel or country you choose to communicate in.

How does your brand sound? On websites, phone systems, call center, internal communications, marketing campaigns, radio and TV commercials, trade shows, conferences and in-store - wherever your brand communicates sonically with its surroundings.

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Increase Your Brand Awareness by+ 96%
Competition for consumer attention, scant time and budget is tighter than ever. Years of massive focus on the visual messages of the "above the line" marketing has led to saturation point is reached and the effect is diminishing. The target groups have developed filters to visual messages. However, their sense of hearing is not harmed - quite the contrary!

Sound is the direct channel to consumers' subconscious mind, which controls 85% of their daily decisions. This means, that sound has a far greater impact as a communicator of messages than most marketers are familiar with. Audio Marketing significant ability to influence decision-making requires, that your brand's sonic expression must be developed with a strategic, consistent view that compliments your brand values and visual messages, and must be implemented carefully to achieve the desired effect. Having a consistent Sound Identity will return major benefits. You will save money, strengthen your brand creating strong memorablity and familiarity of your brand and its products across your companies media channels - every time!

If your brand operates in the retail market, you will even create a strong link between your "above the line" activities and "below the line" activities in the sales medium, where the final purchase decision is made.

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