How Does Your Product Sound?

Product Sound design

The sound of quality. The sounds of electronic products do not always get the attention of product development, as it actually should have. Hearing is the most susceptible sense of them all. It is directly conduit to our subconscious. That is why the integrated audio features of products has a much greater influence on the user's product experience than previously thought. Sound should provide meaningful association, provide a profound experience for the consumer.
In our daily life we are immersed in sounds that are generated by products. If one were to ask someone to name sounds produced by products, often sounds are mentioned that alarm or inform us (e.g., microwave oven beeps, telephone rings etc.). These are the sounds of which we are consciously aware. However, many sounds subconsciously play an important role in our interaction with a product. One hears if the battery of a toothbrush runs out of power; one hears the power of a vacuum cleaner and one hears if the bag is full; etc. Although these are all functional aspects, sound also plays a role in our aesthetic, quality, and emotional experience of products. For example, one hears if the sound of a car door evokes a sense of quality. Car manufacturers have acoustical engineers to make sure that a slammed door will evoke this sense of quality
Mobile phones, computers, interactive displays, hearing aids, cars, consumer electronics, product interfaces and office equipment etc are all examples of product categories, where the proper sound design can make a significant difference in the perception of the product, the user-friendliness and value - and thus have great impact on the sale of the product.
Audiowise is a leading supplier of sound design for products and digital media. We help you differentiate and also increase your usability, accessibility and memorability significantly. Read our Product Sound Design study conducted by Audiowise, Aalborg University and Jabra here.

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