Audiowise always delivers excellent sparring on how to use sound to market ourselves better and what sound solutions are optimal for us in order to create unique experiences in our Hotel and touch points. This is in all cases, whether it is the right music for our restaurant, call center, rooms or our lobby - Audiowise are specialists in creating and emphasizing the right atmosphere via the right sound strategy. Audiowise are always flexible and proactive and have immense knowledge on how to use sound in all our marketing activities and thus creating high Return on Investment for Rungstedgaard in many areas simultaneously. We are thankful for our collaboration with Audiowise and we would never have been able to create our unique cases and atmospheres in our Hotel without the help from Audiowise

Stine Gregersen Kold - Hotel Director


Through our collaboration with Audiowise we were able to professionalize our telephone environment - balanced, responsive speaks and pleasant background music creates a good introduction and welcome to our users, when they are in contact with our nurses. Caring is an important parameter in our services and Audiowise was able to quickly incorporate this and a number of other desired values in our sound identity. Audiowise is a competent partner with a unique insight into their field.

Direktør Stephan Martinussen


In the production of our new store concept, we examined the possibilities of getting more interactive activity into stores without us having to man the all items with staff to demonstrate the goods. In connection with this, we came into dialogue with Johny Sårde from Audiowise and their solutions targeting the retail segment, which uses directional sound to make customers interested in a predetermined product. In connection with this, we entered into an agreement Audiowise and Hasbro that test the system in our store at Copenhagen Airport. Audiowise was fast and efficient to get coordinated between our marketing, Hasbro and themselves, thus developed a campaign and spot a "Star Wars" campaign. The test ran over 2 x two weeks - first week without sound heading and second week with sound pos. The result did not. We experienced no further action or changes in the rankings a growth of over 250% from week one to week two. The result did not just resonate in our own organization, but also in the global marketing department at Hamleys UK and also within Hasbro result was eye-catching and distinctive. As a retailer with a concept that living by creating unique experiences through demonstrations and events in stores, soundpos fits perfectly as a strong complement to our in-store promotions and services we sell to suppliers. Consequently, we will have no hesitation recommending Audiowise as a professional and competent partner with an interest in moving your business through increased sales and a modest investment compared to the additional sales experienced in the store. Therefore, we expect to implement Sound heading in our stores in Scandinavia in the near future.

Kenneth Nørgaard - Managing Director & Franchiseowner to Hamleys Nordic

Hamleys Nordic

Quality is the focus of Flower Factory. We provide only the highest quality of flowers and in this context it is important to have a partner like Audiowise, that consistently delivers high quality and added value through their audio marketing solutions. This applies to all Audiowise process from consulting, development and implementation of Sound strategies. We highly recommend Audiowise as a strong audio and communications partner. Thomas Andersen Director - Flower Factory Denmark.

Flower Factory Denmark

Flower Factory Denmark

Why FLEXA has chosen to invest in sound branding? "The reason we chose to work with sound branding due to the fact that everything we do, we do for children to understand our actual target audience is children. Basically, it's about that we wanted to give the children a unique and playful experience when they walk into a FLEXA shop - and help create a vibrant and imaginative crowded store full of little surprise in the form of sounds and adventure for the children. Most children now have a stressful life, and we want to help to create a free space for the children, where there is time for reflection and tranquility. It's the same feeling as when you get read a story - just as we remember it from childhood. We really want to give the child the feeling of stepping into a fairytale world filled with magic and fun. If we can help to create a moment of magic for children, we have already achieved a lot. We have been very satisfied with the cooperation with Audiowise. Audiowise have been super professional throughout the process and provided great value through their unique solutions ", Louise Witting, Marketing Manager at FLEXA.



Dyrup are working intensively on our trademarks, Dyrup GORI; so they can stand strong in the minds of the consumers. In this context, we have used Audiowise to create an overall sound identity of Dyrup A/S and a sound profile at GORI. Sound is now an integratet part of our communications and helps us to be experienced more modern, innovative and especially unique in our contact with customers and consumers. Audiowise was in the whole process of development a very good and professional partner."

Marketingchef Jannie Essendrop - Marketing Nordic


Audiowise has provided sound design for D/K in several contexts. We are extremely pleased with our partnership with Audiowise both in terms of their products, services and information level. Audiowise inspire us on several fronts. Their methods and strategy are specific to the smallest detail. Audiowise can deliver every time and often surpasses our expectations. We highly recommend Audiowise as a strategic partner.

Founder/Creative Director Henning Kern


Strategic use of sound to increase retail sales: Recent studies show that strategic use of sound can affect customers and increase retail sales. Danish Chamber of Commerce sees a huge untapped potential in this area. Many years of massive focus on marketing through visual messages in the retail industry has led to the saturation point is reached, and the effect is decreasing. Therefore, retailers turn their attention to sound as marketing agent. Sound is in fact the direct channel to consumers' subconscious and controls 85 percent of buying decisions. It highlights the latest findings from a study in the retail industry, as Audiowise that specializes in marketing via sonication and sound design have made. "Targeted and relevant sound design can create up to +96 percent increase in brand awareness and up to +250 percent increase in revenue. In addition, increasing the residence time in front of a product with exposure to sound at up to +700 percent, "says Johny Sårde, owner of Audiowise, and continues: "Using audio in marketing, we see significant increases in the bottom line and residence time - not to mention increase in customer satisfaction and positive attitude to the store." Retail is backwards: But retailers in Denmark is hopelessly behind on sensory shopping such as sonication. Most shops play music in their store rooms, and include supermarkets often use the money to set up speakers and pay copyright charges. But there is rarely a specific strategy for the sound that is played in the store, and whether it should be differentiated according to the in-store customer. A store may for example benefit from playing calm and relaxing music in the checkout area so that customers experience more pleasant to stand in line. "By creating better environments in stores where customers want to stay, it creates a better shopping experience. And while there is a high probability that the customer feels motivated to make purchases. Therefore, we encourage retailers to focus on the area - this is really something to retrieve "says Christian Sestoft, marketing manager of Danish Industry. Cases: Danish Supermarket: Purpose / task: Audiowises task was to test our unique 100 percent directional Sound POS and our sound design. The purpose was to see if this could help increase sales of a Spanish Faustino wine was on offer in Bilka wine department. Solution: Audiowise created a customized sound universe of wine, including a narration. We used our directional sound (Sound POS Solution) in front of the goods. The sound can only be heard when standing right in front of the product and is activated by a sensor. Result: Audiowise increased sales of Spanish wine + 140 percent compared with sales index without sonication. Hamley's: Purpose / task: Audiowises task was to test our unique 100 percent directional Sound POS and our sound design. The purpose was to see if this would increase sales of HASBRO Start Wars Fighter Pods that were on offer in Hamley's. Solution: Audiowise created a customized sound universe of product category, including a narration. We used our directional sound (Sound POS Solution) in front of the goods. The sound can only be heard when standing right in front of the product and activates a sensor. Result: Audiowise increased sales of HASBRO Start Wars Fighter Pods with + 250 percent compared with sales index without sonication

Danish Chamber of Commerce

Danish Chamber of Commerce

As Scandinavia's largest full service digital agency, it is important to have the right partners in the periphery of our own core competencies. When it comes to branding through sound and the feelings that sound design can create, Audiowise are an extremely competent partner with whom we appreciate working with. With their combination of business insights and musical creativity through educated sound directors and composers, their manage to add branding a whole new dimension. Soundflavours that makes brands unique.

Marketingschef Anders Uttrup


We have used Audiowise as a strategic partner in media and sound design for more than 5 years. We have had significant positive impact in several areas using the solutions created by Audiowise. This applies to everything from sound design for web design etc. The music in our stores and on the website was a great pleasure to our customers, staff and especially our bottom line. We highly recommend Audiowise.

Marketing, Ascot Furniture

Marketing, Ascot Furniture

Audiowise developed an overall sound identity for Basis Bank, which we proudly use in several of the Basic Bank touch points. With their high musical intuition, business sense has Audiowise helped to humanize our web bank. Audiowise is an innovative company with a great understanding of using the sound active, as an important tool in the company's online marketing. Basis Bank is extremely pleased with our partnership with Audiowise. In addition of good chemistry, Audiowise has brought Basisbank great value on multiple fronts with their high professionalism and technical knowledge.

Marketingchef Niels Blaabjerg


As the leading provider of business news is important to stay in touch with the latest trends. Our collaboration with Audiowise has been an exciting and rewarding process. We have developed an overall sound identity of Børsen, containing a jingle and a sound logo used in our many platforms. Audiowise process and working methods are clearly defined and we have always felt in safe hands. Their professional team has helped to strengthen our identity by creating a strong recognizable sound identity, which not only reflects our brand value, but further helps to enhance and pleases our existing brand identity.

Vice President, Børsen, Diana Willemoes


Creatively and professionally. That is how I describe my work with Audiowise that has created our sound and stand behind our sound logos and jingle. It is a great responsibility to allow others to reproduce your company in the audio. Audiowise's sound directors and musicians has fully lived up to the responsibility. They have delivered a tailored sound identity, which not only accompanies our graphic profile, but also enhances our expressions.

Communications René Jakobsen