YouSee Sound POS – Audiowise Directional Sound Spot
30. oktober 2017
Schwarzkopf Pro – Gliss – Sound Identity – Sound Logo
2. maj 2017

Directional SOUND POS Campaign for CULT Energy Drink in Danish Supermarkets

  • TaskDirectional Sound POS campaign for CULT

Audiowise created a diretional in store sound campaign for CULT Mokaî drink. Our unique Directional SOUND POS is the perfect tailored campaign tool.

We Increased sales of Mokaî by + 46 %

As the name suggest, the Directional SOUND POS is a directional speaker setup that transmits sound in the direction YOU want. First of all, this means that you can target the customer in a way that is just not possible with ordinary speaker systems. Secondly, you don’t run the risk of ‘sound pollution’ in the whole store. The installation consists of plug & play and sounds can be changed online from minute to minute. We believe that sound should be heard not seen. This is why we have made sure that the SOUND POS is not competing with any visual signage. Sound is an important part of Sensorial Shopping and, therefore it’s very important what comes out of the speaker or how your sales area sounds! With our multidisciplinary range of specialist skills we have in-depth knowledge and experience in music psychology and the influence on human behavior and our Sound POS has increased sales by +250 %.