Audiowise Building Succesful Business in Korea
30. november 2016
Audiowise music branding – Kylie – Kenzo, Burberry, Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier, YSL, Robert Cavalli, Marc Jacobs and more
30. november 2016

Audiowise boosts sales of impulse products by + 250%

Audiowise creates additional sales - Sound is our tool.
Via Audiowise unique Retail Sound Tools, we increase sales in stores.
Audiowise have tested our new unique In Store Sound Tools with e.g Arla, Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Dansk Supermarket, Hamleys etc.
We have increased sales of their products by an average of +150% throughout the test period and up to +250% increase on individual product categories.
We optimize yor sales area in store, creating better environments both by removing noise, which has a direct negative impact on both sales and ensure direct increased bottom line with just the right sound strategy.
How does your store ..? Contact us to learn more and get a free overview of how you can make your shopping environment more attractive and comfortable for both the customer and the employee.