Audiowise boosts sales of impulse products by + 250%
30. november 2016
Audiowise, Jabra and Aalborg University cooporation on interaction sound design project
30. november 2016


Audiowise´s Team Co-writes Kylie Minogues new hit single "Get Outta My Way". Both Kylie and the song is used to promote COME INTO MY ROOM VS. MAG campaign.


Kylie and the song "Get Outta My Way" is used as music branding and becomes an intergrated part of the product and brand. Thus strengthening the message and image.
"Petit though grand. We adore Kylie. She is the epitome of pop and fame and has breathed under a public sky for decades. Still, she comes off as truly sympathetic, smart and dedicated. It is what we call class. As a cover girl for our brand new issue of Vs. Magazine, Kylie turned up the heat in this exclusive Vs. short film".