Flexa World In Store Sound Campaign
30. april 2014
Legekæden – Sound POS for In Store Campaign
11. januar 2014

Case of Musikzonen – Collection

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  • TaskMusikzone wants with this collection of case studies, to present Danish companies for a variety of ideas on, how to use music as a powerful and strategic tool in marketing and product development among others. Audiowise have 2 exciting cases with the collection - DYRUP / GORI & ARLA
There are no complete solutions for how music and business can collaborate, but hopefully this collection provides ideas on how you can create a customized and efficient solution for your business. All cases can be read independently of each other.
On Musikzonen’s website you can read more cases and seek inspiration in articles and facts about the use of music. Here you can also download a brochure with specific pricing examples of the use of music and how settled with the rights holders.