Directional Sound POS Campaign at Jysk
13. maj 2014
Case of Musikzonen – Collection
29. april 2014

Flexa World In Store Sound Campaign

  • TaskAudiowise was asked to help FLEXA WORLD in creating unique experiences in their stores. The main aim was to entertain the children and give the whole family a postive experience when visting a FLEXA store
Audiowise created different "Sound Pockets" in the stores using directional sound and creating different Sound scenarios and stories for the kids. We created a sound campaign to strengthen FLEXA´s Jungle in store campaign and also created different jungle sounds in the store. We developed a whole story played via our ESM player, that is activated by a sensor every time the children entered the "Jungle Cave", that FLEXA created in their stores.
A fun and positive unique experience for both kids and adults. As the kids where being entertained by the sounds and stories, the parents had time to shop and find the right solutions.