TDC – Sound POS for Mobile Accesories Campaign
11. januar 2014
We increase sales of wine with +140 % at Dansk Supermarked (Bilka)
11. januar 2012

Danish Chamber of Commerce

  • Task90% of In Store promotions never serve for itself. New times require new tools. In addition, a new distribution of resources in relation to the In Store tools have most impact and ROI. Audiowise has developed new sales tools for In Store activities that contribute to significant sales increases and optimized sales environments. Danish Chamber of Commerce has tested Audiowise Audio Tools for shops on both food and non-food to see if they could optimize sales and retention times.
Audiowise tested our directional Sound POS solution includes tailored audio campaign at Hamleys and Bilka supermarKet chain

Sales of Star Wars characters and increased by + 250%.
Sales of Spanish wine in the grocery store and increased sales by + 140%
We increased residence times of up to + 700%

Equipment and audio campaign expenses are recouped again in ONLY 2 weeks and ONLY on increased turnover generated by AW Sound POS.
We optimized sales areas and made environments more comfortable for both customers and employees